Nicole Aniston posing on her back with leg raised

Get Closer Than Ever To Nicole Aniston

NFTs providing access to an exclusive community & new scenes.

Public mint is live.

Polygon Blockchain

Limited supply of 6969 Access Tokens

Mint Price: 169 MATIC fee + gas

A message from Nicole

I’ve been in the adult industry for 11 years. There has never been a better opportunity to create my own platform and get closer to you, than right now. Over the next few weeks, I will embark on a journey to launch a new platform that builds an intimate relationship between us, releases never before seen content, and allows us to have one-on-one IRL experiences together. I’m excited to share this with you and can’t wait to show you what’s next!

Nicole Aniston posing with her hand in her hair

Closer To Nicole Access Passes

Release of the first new exclusive video, Saturday May 14, 12:00pm Pacific

Release of further four new exclusive videos will occur on the following Fridays at 12:00pm Pacific

Access Pass NFT Mint Price: 169 MATIC fee + gas

Limited supply of 6969 Access Tokens. Choose from five unique designs.

The Closer To Nicole Access Pass is the key to unlock exclusive new video content available on this website as well as access to the best parts of Nicole’s Discord community.

Benefits of owning an Access Pass

  1. • The only professional content from Nicole – yes, THE ONLY new full length professional content will be released to Access Pass holders.
  2. • Collaborate with Nicole on future releases. Have a specific scene you want from Nicole? Only those with an Access Pass can make scene requests.
  3. • Chat with Nicole. The best parts of Nicole’s Discord will be restricted to Access Pass holders. You will need to have one to chat with her!



Lust Temple



OpenSea NFT Marketplace

OpenSea is a popular marketplace to buy and sell NFTs.

You can buy and sell Nicole’s NFTs on the Closer To Nicole Access Pass NFT collection.

You will need to submit a one-time approval transaction when listing your NFTs for sale on OpenSea. By default, OpenSea does not include enough gas fees so please increase the default fee otherwise the transaction will fail with the messageThere was an error with your transaction. Please try again.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our team on Discord.

What is Closer to Nicole?

Closer to Nicole is Nicole Aniston’s inaugural NFT collection. She’s launching ground-breaking membership NFTs that give collectors exclusive access to her community, content, and IRL experiences.

Why NFTs?

The adult entertainment industry has always been at the forefront of emerging technology. For the first time in our history, the emerging technology of the day is placing financial power into the hands of creators. NFTs allow Nicole and other creators to build direct relationships with their fans while not depending on any traditional middlemen or gatekeepers. This technology is here to stay.

What types of NFTs will be available?

Access Tokens: Ownership of Access Tokens will allow access to never-before-seen video content as well as access to Nicole’s private online Discord community.

What blockchain are these NFTs minted on?
The Access Pass NFTs will be minted on Polygon, which is an Ethereum-compatible sidechain supported by many major NFT marketplaces, including OpenSea.
How do I purchase a Closer To Nicole NFT?

To purchase one of Nicole’s NFTs, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. You’ll need to purchase MATIC from a cryptocurrency exchange which allows you to withdraw to the Polygon network. We recommend Here’s our guide.
  2. Install a non-custodial wallet such as Metamask to transfer your MATIC to.
  3. Have at least 169 MATIC + gas per Access Token you intend to mint. 170 MATIC will be more than enough to cover the mint + gas fees.
When is the release date?
Minting begins at 10:00am Pacific on Thursday May 12th.
Can I sell my Closer to Nicole NFTs?
Yes. Nicole’s NFTs can be resold on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. When Nicole’s NFTs are resold there is a 10% royalty fee paid by the seller.
Who owns the artwork of the NFTs?
All artwork associated with each NFT is intellectual property owned by Atana Consulting Corp. (Nicole’s Company).